Cleaning and improving hygiene is something every restaurant can do on a regular basis. When restaurants re-open, an improvement in cleanliness and hygiene will become something that consumers and visitors expect, and local authorities are surely required. We know that the coronavirus pandemic was not triggered or transmitted by food, but the food service industry will feel its effects forever. Guests are supposed to have a higher degree of cleanliness.

While cleaning and disinfecting have always been an integral part of a healthy setting, the novel Coronavirus illustrates how crucial each one is to the long-term health and safety of both food service workers and guests.

There are 4 key aspects to keeping the food service establishment clean and hygienic:

Hand wash

Some of the easiest ways to keep workers and guests from being sick.


Cleaning of surfaces

Removing fertilizer and food sources from all surfaces. While cleaning does not destroy pathogens, it is the most important part of the hygiene process because it impairs the atmosphere in which the pathogens can thrive.


Surfaces Sanitation

Reducing the number of germs on surfaces or items to a healthy level, as determined by public health standards. Sanitizing is not as thorough as disinfecting.


Disinfecting High Touch Point

Destroy pathogens on surfaces or on the objects. This method does not sweep up dirty surfaces. By destroying germs on the surface, you can popular the chance of infection.

Many people are mistaken to use disinfection interchangeably with sanitizing, but it is important to remember two significant differences: effectiveness and application. Due to the high level of active ingredients and detergent in disinfectant products, some disinfectants are not safe for food.

It excels where traditional disinfectants are fall short. Although conventional disinfectants are effective for seconds and are a reactive solution, the AI ShieldTM antimicrobial coating system actively battles against bacteria and prevents them from growing for a whole year.

Keep your employees and guests healthy and safe from infection ahead of the game. The system is a multi-step application process that works to immediately kill and prevent future pathogens from living on treated surfaces. Proven to be successful against 90 + pathogens, AI ShieldTM operates 24 hours a day to ensure that the facility battles germs and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The device is EPA-registered FDA licensed for food contact surfaces, colorless, odorless, hypoallergenic, non-toxic to humans and animals, non-leaching and must only be used once a year!

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